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Central Valley HHO, Inc. (CVHHO) is the manufacturer and distributor of the most highly developed On-Board Hydrogen Fuel Enhancement technology available in the market today. Our revolutionary "Catalysis" process, generates a higher quality hydrogen vapor, vs Electrolysis, and is recognized by industry leaders as a breakthrough in hydrogen-assist technology.

This is who we are


Jen Smith CEO


Scott Smith CTO

This is what we do


Central Valley HHO, Inc. (CVHHO) is a family owned and operated company with years of experience in Global Hydrogen Technology.


Research, develop, and perfect the leading On-Board Hydrogen Fuel Enhancement System in the country and pass the gauntlet of testing required by the California Air Resources Board (CARB)


CVHHO has meticulously tested our systems for several years with consistent results. Our HHO cells are designed to outlast any hydrogen system on the market.

This is how we do it

CVHHO has spent several years developing and perfecting hydrogen-on-demand technology for use as a fuel catalyst in internal combustion engines.


Through these years of research and development, the company has perfected use of a proprietary process known as Catalysis, which utilizes distilled, purified or reverse-osmosis (RO) water incorporated with a small amount of electrolyte and charged via the vehicles battery and electrical system to create a high quality, potent hydrogen known chemically as “Hydroxy” or HHO gas. Hydroxy, a nearly pure form of hydrogen and oxygen, is 4 times more powerful that para or tank hydrogen. In normal operations, the manufactured Hydroxy gas is introduced to an engine air intake where it is drawn into the cylinders, combining as a catalyst with the incoming air and fuel. It is then ignited via normal combustion. The combination of Hydroxy gas with the air/fuel mixture creates a more complete and potent internal burn that drives the pistons more efficiently, resulting in better mileage, cleaner emissions and more horsepower.

The company manufacturers several models for use in vehicle engines sizes from one half liter of engine displacement up to 24 liters as an off-the-shelf technology. These various sized units have been sold in the US, South Africa, Chile, Australia and Canada and are functioning in all kinds of heavy-duty, commercial applications. In fact, multiple worldwide studies have shown that diesel engines react most favorably to the introduction of hydrogen, exhibiting dramatic reductions in greenhouse gases and particulate matter emissions. In other words, rather than collecting and inefficiently burning emissions after combustion, as seen with common DPF devices, hydrogen enables the engine to burn a higher percentage of the inherent fuel, thereby gaining additional efficiencies by burning particulate matter during combustion. The inherent result is that the hydrogen gas interacts with normally dirty fuels in such a way that fuel economy, efficiency and emissions reductions are most noticeable.

It is the company’s vision to ultimately prove this with the EPA for widespread use as a possible replacement for more common DPF devices. Unlike DPF filters which reduce fuel economy and sap horsepower, tests have proved that our product enhances both. (Case Studies Coming Soon). For the passenger car and small truck market, testing with a CARB qualified lab has been successfully completed and Executive Order pending final approval.

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