Significant Emissions Reduction
95% Fuel Burn

Emission standards are becoming more strict around the globe. We offer a product unlike any other on the market today. Our company strives to provide top American made quality with proven data verified by third parties.

CVHHO’s Catalyst Technology is an emission reduction device (Except in California). Our company has received numerous Executive Orders from the California Air Resource Board (C.A.R.B.). We are working hard towards becoming a “Verified Emission Reduction Device” through C.A.R.B. but these steps are very expensive for a company our size.  The Diesel Particulate Filter (D.P.F. see below) is not the answer or solution for emission reduction. It is simply just another bandage only to have another bandage put over that one (Diesel Exhaust Fluid). Allow our company to truly assist in your emission reduction process. Our Catalyst Gas enters the air intake stream, combining with the ambient air, before entering the engine’s cylinder. During combustion, Catalyst Gas creates a more complete burn inside the cylinder. Traditional combustion engines are only about 35% efficient. That means the rest of your fuel goes right out the tailpipe. We complete the burn up to 95%, which reduces the amount of unused fuel running through the emission systems. That saves E.G.R.s, D.P.F.s, D.E.F., and so much more!

We have a lot of data with emission reduction and fuel savings. We have testing showing NOX reduction of 72% +. Most Hydrogen on Demand Systems on the market will give you fuel savings but increase the emissions. Beware of the companies that have the CA E/O numbers that claim they are approved by CA. An E/O only permits a company to sell the product in CA it is not an approval by CA and believe it or not they can get an E/O number even if they increase the emissions as long as it is under 15%. If you are wanting a product that cleans the air do your homework before you purchase a Hydrogen on Demand system.