Increase Horsepower & Torque
8-12% Increase Performance

Our system is designed to introduce a small amount of hydroxy gas which acts as a catalyst to improve fuel combustion inside an engine.  Hydroxy gas enhances the fuels combustion providing a cleaner more efficient burn.  The best way to look at this is to consider that a diesel engine only burns 45% of the fuel during combustion, per the Department of Energy.  The remaining unburned fuel emerges into the atmosphere at emissions in the form of NOX and hydrocarbons. 

It is logical to imagine that if you are burning more of the fuel, you will experience more horsepower, better fuel economy and less harmful emissions. 

There are other inherent benefits of this improved efficiency.  That being the engine runs cleaner and cooler.  Engine oil stays cleaner longer and all engine components that are subject to gunk buildup will remain cleaner, improving the lifespan of the engine.   Also, any engine with a DPF or other emissions device will have less particulate matter and NOX being produced and collected, thereby increasing the span between regenerations and/or required filter cleanings.