Guaranteed Fuel Savings
Save 20-50% on Fuel.


CVHHO, Inc. has Third Party Data verification showing an average of 27% fuel savings on California Heavy-Duty Trucks

We also have data proving up to 65% fuel savings from several portions of the world.


CVHHO, Inc. utilizes several different fuel consumption, monitoring, and GPS components, which are Accurate to 1-3%. This data is then verified by the driver’s fill and check.

CVHHO, Inc. utilizes various highly accurate Third Party fuel & engine monitoring companies to data log almost every aspect of the trucks we install our Catalyst Technology. One of the US companies we partner with is Verizon’s Network Fleet. Network Fleet’s GPS and Fuel monitoring equipment is accurate within 1-3%. We then use that data to compare to the driver’s fill and check to double verify the data. This is how CVHHO, Inc. is so confident, not only in our product, but in our money back guarantees.